AskYourMother – Vanessa Cage and Sophia Sterling


New episode by AskYourMother with Vanessa Cage and Sophia Sterling in Picture Perfect! It’s picture day for the family and Rusty, the loving stepdad, is trying to get everyone in line to take the perfect picture. The truth is that the family is far from perfect and they are all pretty fed up with Rusty’s controlling ways. Vanessa, his loving wife, is particularly pissed with him and his goody-goody attitude while having a secret affair with a younger gal. Their stepsons, Sophia and Anthony, aren’t so fond of picture day either, and they are secretly horny for each other, so they take any excuse they get to get nasty while their step-parents aren’t watching. Instead of interrupting the kids, she decides to join them and enjoy a filthy threesome with them. Rusty will rue the day he began controlling their lives as he discovers his wife being fucked by his stepson while playing with her stepdaughter’s cunt.

Vanessa Cage and Sophia Sterling

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Date: June 29, 2024