BrattySis – Lulu Chu: Stepsis Is A Gamer


New episode by BrattySis with Lulu Chu in Stepsis Is A Gamer! Lulu’s a live streamer for video games. As she’s commentating her game play, her stepbrother Parker Ambrose passes by her door. He can’t seem to believe that Lulu isn’t talking to him. As Lulu continues to rant about the gamer who’s fucking her, Parker meanders into her room and rubs his hardon. Seeing her stepbrother, Lulu keeps her commentary going. She lays quiescent as Parker rolls her miniskirt up and slides his dick in from behind, but once he’s in Lulu can’t stay still any longer. She gets to her knees and rocks back into those strokes, enjoying this type of fucking much more than the kind she was getting from her game. Turning around, Lulu sucks their combined juices from Parker’s hardon before climbing on top of him to ride him…

BrattySis Lulu Chu Stepsis Is A Gamer

Download BrattySis Lulu Chu Stepsis Is A Gamer – S29:E4


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Date: October 27, 2023
Pornstar: Lulu Chu