CzechStreets – Joleyn Burst: Kristyna the Secretary


New episode by CzechStreets with Joleyn Burst in Kristyna the Secretary! Have you ever tried picking a girl up on an airport? Guys, there are so many beauties there. I didn’t even have to wait for long and I met this lovely, 20 years old, blond secretary Kristyna. Poor girl was a bit nervous, but in the end she accepted my invitation for lunch. I was trying to break her the entire time and offered a load of cash for a blowjob. And no matter how surprising it may seem, she agreed. Money is the mightiest spell. I stopped in the fields and offered her 10,000 more for the invitation into her sweet loin. I have never fucked a bitch this passionate. I came in like 30 seconds. The way her pussy was wet is beyond description. I fucked her on the hood of my car and loved every moment of it. What a ride! Beautiful and passionate Kristyna! She will mess with you head as she did with mine.

Joleyn Burst Kristyna the Secretary

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Date: April 24, 2024