FamilyStrokes – Sarah Lace: Ass Hypnosis


New episode by FamilyStrokes with Sarah Lace in Ass Hypnosis! She asks her stepdad Eric for some money to buy stuff. When he refuses, Sarah pulls out her mesmerizing ass and instantly convinces him of giving her the cash. The next day, the naughty girl requests permission to go to a party. As Eric says no again, Sarah tries the same trick: a flash of her juicy butt. The plan works once more, with Eric fixing his eyes on Sarah’s bouncy butt cheeks. After she’s gone, the guy starts reflecting on what happened and realizes something: his stepdaughter is using a magical buttplug to hypnotize him! Determined not to be fooled again, Eric rejects Sarah’s new request, and this time, he averts his gaze from her delectable booty…

Sarah Lace Ass Hypnosis

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Date: March 22, 2024
Pornstar: Sarah Lace