FamilySwap – Jc Wilds and Selena Ivy


New update by FamilySwap with Jc Wilds and Selena Ivy in My Swap Sis Gets Inspired! What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode Peter Fizwall is watching the game with his swap son Jimmy Michaels when his swap wife and swap daughter, JC and Selena, bring snacks. They all toast to what a great experience it has been for them to be a swap family. They settle down to say what they’ve all enjoyed so far about the swap family. When it’s Selena’s turn, she claims that the swap family would be better off if they all just fucked already. Once Selena has made her case and JC has admitted she named her vibrator after Jimmy, it’s hard to deny that she’s correct. With that in mind, it’s not long before Selena is making out with her swap daddy while Jimmy gets it on making out with his swap milf…

My Swap Sis Gets Inspired – S8:E3

FamilySwap Jc Wilds and Selena Ivy

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Date: October 25, 2023
Pornstar: JC Wilds / Selena Ivy