MyDirtyMaid – Barbie Rous: Fucked In Translation


New update by MyDirtyMaid with Barbie Rous called Fucked In Translation! So, Barbie came over to clean our studio today, and let me tell you she is freaking gorgeous. She speaks hardly any English, but money is understood in any langue. She couldn’t believe how dirty the place was. All I could think about though was the dirty things I wanted to do to her. She came off so shy, but little did I know that was her trying to hold back her crazy. The beautiful ones usually are. She did more than that though she took it in her mouth. So, I fucked her pretty face. Then I’m not sure if I fucked the shit out of her or if she fucked the shit out of me next. I told you she was a crazy woman. She made me tap when she drained my balls. I let her know I’m always down to go again every week when she comes to clean.

Barbie Rous Fucked In Translation

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Date: May 31, 2024
Pornstar: Barbie Rous