Shoplyfter – Sarah Lace: The Reverend’s Daughter


New episode by Shoplyfter with Sarah Lace in The Reverend’s Daughter – Case No. 7906285! Sarah is at that age where she is curious about sex and everything around it. Being the reverend’s daughter, it’s hard to get access to information, so the innocent virgin girl is a bit lost. One day, she tries to steal a couple of porn DVDs from the mall, but Rusty, the security guard, easily catches her. A lousy thief, Sarah fails to hide the stolen goods, sparking Rusty’s curiosity as to why she is stealing porn. After a thorough cavity search, Rusty strikes a deal with Sarah: she can go if she plays with the officer’s cock. On her knees, Sarah begs Jesus to forgive her before swallowing Rusty’s dick, enjoying every second of it. Sarah understands she found what she was looking for while the officer stuffs her up, popping her cherry in the hottest way possible.

Sarah Lace The Reverend’s Daughter

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Date: May 3, 2024
Pornstar: Sarah Lace