Bangbros Clips – Stepdaughter Takes Control


Aidra Fox has always wanted her stepfather’s cock. So she hatched up the plan. She tied him up while he was napping in a chair and had him wake up to her amazing naked body. Anyone would be shaken by waking up tied up, not to mention seeing his sexy stepdaughter naked for the first time. This is a new update by Bangbros Clips called Stepdaughter Takes Control! He preached about what’s appropriate, family roles, and his wife (her mom).

But who can say no to a body like that. She left him tied up as she examined, stroked and sucked his dick and balls. Then she put her pussy in his face for a 69 session. She also left him tied up when she climbed on his dick and rode him like a pony. Then she untied him so he could fuck her back. He fucked her hard in her tight pussy and throat until he came in her mouth, and she loved it. She’s a loud one.

Aidra Fox on Bangbros Clips in Stepdaughter Takes Control

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Bangbros Clips - Stepdaughter Takes Control

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Date: Noviembre 1, 2016