UsePOV – Pristine Edge: In Gratitude for Your Service


New episode by UsePOV with Pristine Edge called In Gratitude for Your Service! Pristine’s stepson Austin is leaving for military school the day after Memorial Day. The proud stepmom wants to make sure her boy gets the send-off he deserves, so she surprises him with some physical exercise: mental drills, family stories, and a big American feast on Memorial Day. Austin tries his best to prove he’s ready for his new adventure while he uses his stepmom as a fuck toy. The boy films Pristine exercising and also gets a chance to fuck her tits with his hard cock. The lovely milf lets her stepson do whatever he wants with her pussy, as a way of making him feel honored before leaving. Eventually, Austin realizes he’s proud to be part of a long-time military lineage.

Pristine Edge In Gratitude for Your Service

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Date: May 27, 2024
Pornstar: Pristine Edge