These 5 Mia Khalifa Scenes Were Iconic: But What Was Missing?

Alluring brown eyes, olive skin, and gigantic milkers that made you want to drop to your knees and worship her body like she was a goddess (and then fuck her up the ass!). Mia Khalifa is/was arguably one of the most iconic and instantly-recognizable pornstars of the modern era.

Her tits are so well-known that most people can easily identify them without seeing her face. These days, Mia Khalifa isn’t too fond of her adult industry career and looks back on it negatively. However, we don’t!

Mia Khalifa arguably shone a spotlight on the sexual ferocity that Arab girls have and managed to break stereotypes that all Middle Eastern girls are prudish and sexually conservative. These days, even major adult cam sites like have a dedicated category for live Arab cam models!

This Lebanese slut fucked so hard that she managed to piss off ISIS and land herself in some seriously hot water. You might think you know Mia, but have you seen some of her scenes that are widely considered to be the most iconic of her career?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. But by the end of this guide, you’ll be exposed to some of this Arab porn icon’s finest moments, as well as an insight into one of the biggest things missing in her porn scenes and how the latest entertainment of the adult industry is working to change that.

Now, let’s climb between the Arab titties of Mia and get started!

Mia Khalifa Blackout


Want to see a young Arab girl’s pussy absolutely wrecked by gigantic black cocks? Look no further than Blackout! This was one of Mia’s premier interracial flicks that saw her genuinely struggling to throat the giant dicks presented in front of her.

It’s all good, though, because her Alpha black co-stars are more than happy to take control, and Mia is subjected to some of the hardest interracial fucking of her life before her iconic Arab tits are painted with BBC sperm!
Put It Between My Tits
For those who can’t pull their gaze away from Mia’s gorgeous Arab milkers, then Put It Between My Tits is one of her underrated porn performances you don’t want to miss. Because, as the title suggests, who wouldn’t want to slide their dick between the lubed-up titties of an Arab pornstar like Mia?

An interracial POV classic, it shows Mia being put through her paces by a big black cock big enough to rival those she handled in Blackout. However, most of the action focuses on her giant titties bouncing around in the wake of the BBC onslaught, so it’s a must for boobie lovers!

Temporary Dates 2


Mia Khalifa starring as a cheap hooker who gets her brains fucked out in a motel room? Yes, please! Mia starring alongside Mia Ryder in a double Mia overdose of sluttiness? Sign me the fuck up!

This naughty lil’ porno sees the two Mias starring as call girls visiting clients in hotels and is a cum-splattered fuck fest that spans nearly forty minutes.

I mean, shit, imagine opening your hotel room door to that busty Arab slut standing in front of you and then paying a few dollars to bury your cock between those puppies? Man, if only Mia were actually working as a hooker!

The Little-Known Live Sex Cam Show

Wait, Mia Khalifa did live sex shows? Well, kind of. She did a one-off special that saw her answering fans’ questions about her life and career before getting carried away, exposing her giant tits, and then fucking her Arab pussy with a vibrator.

It was arguably an elite-tier live sex performance that Camster should be proud to have pulled off. Anyone who timed their porn consumption well enough to be able to take part, not knowing that Mia Khalifa would be hanging up her pleaser heels and leaving the porn industry a few months down the line, should consider themselves very lucky indeed!

The Video That Made Her Career (And Almost Ended Her Life!)


When a porno is so badass that the pornstars end up getting death threats, you know it’s worth watching! This taboo scene saw Mia star alongside Julianna Vega and pose as a Muslim girl bringing home a new white boyfriend to meet her mom (Vega).

Vega doesn’t take too kindly to this and pretends it’s because of religious reasons. The reality is that she wants to fuck her daughter’s boyfriend and ends up sucking his cock under the table.

When discovered by Mia, mommy presents her with a challenge to see who can make him cum first. This lucky motherfucker is then subjected to two Arab sluts using his dick like a sex toy. Vega and Khalifa make a mind-blowing cock-handling team in this iconic flick, and it’s simply unmissable.

When it was released, the whole taboo religious side of the porn pissed a lot of people off, including ISIS, which led to Mia receiving serious death threats for her role in the flick. But wait, what the fuck was ISIS doing watching the video in the first place?

So, What Was Missing?

Mia’s porn scenes emptied countless balls worldwide, whether she liked it or not. This Arab porn slut gave us some seriously hot memories for the wank bank and has gone down in the porn hall of fame.

However, there was always something missing from her performances, and that was interactivity. As with any conventional porn flick, you didn’t have the ability to control the action of the screen, play a role in making Mia cum, or play any part in what would happen next.

However, it’s been nearly a decade since Mia retired from porn in 2015, and much has changed. Now, we can watch live sex via adult webcam sites, virtually control a girl’s orgasms through Bluetooth vibrators, and ask them to act out your dirtiest requests like you’re in the director’s chair on a porn set. It’s a wild world!