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New episode by MYLFVIP in The House Bunny with Charlotte Sins, Maya Woulfe, Bunny Madison, and Jade Valentine! Bunny’s life has always been easy. Her good looks and her fierce sexual energy have provided her with a pampered and luxurious lifestyle. But all this flies out of the window when, out of the blue, her sugar daddy deems her too old. Now, Bunny must take on the world head-on, with only her cunning and her sexual prowess to guide her. Things take a positive turn when she meets Maya, Jade, and Charlotte, three college chicks who are all brains but have no luck in the “getting attention from boys” department. Soon, every guy wants a piece of these chicks, and the girls find themselves in all sorts of sexy situations. When the school administration hears about all the debaucherous acts going on, Donnie has no other choice but to investigate. But Bunny and the girls are keen to help Donnie see just what he’s been missing.

Charlotte Sins, Maya Woulfe, Bunny Madison, Jade Valentine

The House Bunny

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Date: April 27, 2024