OyeLoca – Michelle Anderson: You Are Better than My Husband


New update by OyeLoca with Michelle Anderson in You Are Better than My Husband! When Michelle’s husband is out, it is up to her to fix things at home. The gorgeous Latina is struggling to make her motorbike and other stuff in the household, but luckily, Mike walks by her garage and decides to help her out. The girl is frustrated with her spouse because he’s never around when she needs him, and to make things worse, he is not answering her calls. Seeing that Mike has her back, the stunner goes to her room to try calling her man again, but after getting his voicemail again, she quits and decides to chill by rubbing her luscious pussy. The girl is kind of freaky and can only relax after a good masturbation sesh, so she loosens up and lets time fly by caressing her snatch. Mike notices Michelle is gone for a while, so he goes in her search only to find her fingering herself intensely. With Michelle’s husband gone, Mike joins in the fun by massaging the Latina’s vagina.

Michelle Anderson You Are Better than My Husband

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Date: March 19, 2024