PervMom – Lolly Dames: Breast Work for Your Best Work


New episode by PervMom with Lolly Dames in Breast Work for Your Best Work! Kai has been slipping up in school, and when his stepmom, Lolly, hears about it, she’s furious. Lolly demands an answer from Kai, wanting to know what his deal is. Kai admits he isn’t even sure he wants to go to college and tells Lolly he doesn’t care about school. All the while, Kai can’t help but admire his mom’s big ol’ titties. His stepmom’s tits are pretty fantastic, but Lolly catches Kai looking and calls him out. She comes up with a quick solution. If Kai is so distracted, Lolly will help him regain his focus. She pulls out her tits for Kai to admire and lets him play with them. It’s totally fucked up and taboo, and Kai knows he shouldn’t be massaging his stepmom’s tits, but he can’t stop once he starts. Lolly is immensely turned on as well, and she might even like the sensation more than Kai…

Lolly Dames Breast Work for Your Best Work

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Date: March 26, 2024
Pornstar: Lolly Dames