PureTaboo – Dana Vespoli and Charlie Forde


New episode by PureTaboo with Dana Vespoli and Charlie Forde in A Lie Of Omission! Tanya comes home from work, but is greeted by a shocking sight: there are photos of her with her old girlfriend Julie stuck to the front door and hanging all over the living room. As Tanya reels from what she’s seeing, her boyfriend Ron (Ken Feels) approaches her, looking slightly unhinged. Still in shock, Tanya demands to know what this is about. Ron angrily insists he knew that Tanya was hiding something about her past, so he snooped on her laptop and found her old photos… Photos that show Tanya in a lesbian relationship. Tanya looks guilty again, and agrees to have sex with Julie while Ron watches them. But the surprises aren’t done yet, because eventually, Ron insists to the women that because they’re making the sex look SO enticing, he might as well join in. And there is still ONE MORE surprise left in store for Tanya…

Dana Vespoli and Charlie Forde

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Date: May 21, 2024