Shoplyfter – Nicole Luva: Prank Gone Wrong


New episode by Shoplyfter with Nicole Luva in Prank Gone Wrong – Case No. 7906294! Nicole tried to pull a shoplift by making a friend call the mall to distract the clerks while she stole a couple of rings. Unfortunately, Officer Kent caught her and took her back for questioning. The innocent girl is afraid of the repercussions, and the security guard knows it, so he tries to intimidate her to confess by stripping her off and doing a full search for stolen goods. Naked and uncomfortable, Nicole is at Clarke’s mercy. Enjoying his moment of power, the officer strikes a deal with her: she can go this time without facing the consequences if she can fondle her a little extra. Nicole timidly agrees, letting Clarke touch her tits while she masturbates unwillingly. This makes the security guard extra horny and eager to fuck her. Nicole bends over and lets Clarke do his thing, secretly enjoying this bittersweet moment.

Nicole Luva Prank Gone Wrong

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Date: April 19, 2024
Pornstar: Nicole Luva